23 November 2016

Fare trucks from Kazan to Moscow to double in 2017

The Ministry of Transport has offered to raise the tariff system "Plato" at the beginning of 2017 with a 1.5 to 2.5 rubles per kilometer, and by June increased to 3 rubles. Large retailers Tatarstan on possible increase in food prices due to rise in price of "Plato" know, but how it will affect the price, do not comment. "We do not have their logistics. We order transport companies freight, they also carry out all the necessary calculations. Therefore, increasing the need to comment on them, "said RBC Tatarstan Olga Glebova, Head of Marketing Department of« SegrosCash & Carry ».

"Most of the goods imported from Moscow and how to increase the delivery price will be directly affected by the remoteness from the capital. But, we can say that the cost of one journey, in Russia on average, increase by 1,000 rubles. Somewhere in the thousand "dissolved" in the cost of transportation of the entire consignment, which may be up to one hundred thousand, and in some cases increase is more significant, and it depends on the player, which can show the network increase the transportation cost by 5%, and realistically it will grow by 0.5% ", - says Alexey Vlasenko, sales manager of the transport company" Rail continent ", which just provides transport services for the federal players such as" Metro "," Auchan "and" Ikea ".