23 November 2016

As Poland and Russia have agreed on transit

The last months of the Russian and Polish carriers kept in suspense uncertain prospects for obtaining of permits - travel permits on the territory of the two countries. In Kaliningrad, immediately recalled the unresolved problems with the ferry. In early November, the parties have agreed, and everything calmed down. About Ferries to forget, and a year later again begin to worry because of permits? The problem versed journalist "AIF-Kaliningrad".
 Four years ago through Poland in Kaliningrad region received more than 60% of imported goods (mainly construction materials, food and consumer goods). Today, through Poland in Kaliningrad driven products and components. Experts warn each time: the slightest disruptions in their supply can cause a rise in prices.
 On the number of permits for transport in 2017 ministries & nbsp; Russia and Poland agreed: at 190,500 each side. Carriers admit that they were not expecting a quick outcome, because the background prior to the meeting, did not promise anything good. Jerzy Schmit, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure & nbsp; in Poland, made in the media a lot of unpleasant statements. He accuses the Russians of wanting to remove the Polish carriers from the market. Allegedly, they are specially created problems.
 "Do we need to Russian vehicles had freedom of movement in Poland?" - Wondered Schmit.
 It seems to be in the Russian Federation made the necessary steps to ensure that such statements are not sounded. September 29 in St. Petersburg, with the Poles agreed instructions for the control services and trucking companies for the requirements for registration documents to make travel conditions of their trucks in Russia transparent and comfortable. & Nbsp; No one wanted a repeat of the February history, when has expired agreement allowed. The parties could not agree for a long time. It threatened to production downtime and higher prices.